Moving On Program

Is a gender-specific program that addresses many risk factors that can lead to a woman's criminal behavior. The program provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping them identify and mobilize personal and community resources.

  • It is an open-ended intervention program that allows continuous intake.
  • It draws on the evidence-based treatment models of relational theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • It is administered in a group setting

Program content is organized around four main themes:

1.Encouraging personal responsibility and enhancing motivation for change
2.Expanding connections and building healthy relationships
3.Skill enhancement, development, and maintenance
4.Relaxation and stress management skills

Modules Outline:

  • Modules 1 and 6: Orientation and Transitions
  • Module 2: Listening and Being Heard – 5 individual group lessons
  • Module 3: Building Healthy Relationships – 4 individual group lessons
  • Module 4: Expressing Emotions – 4 individual group lessons
  • Module 5: Making Connections and Staying Healthy (5 Individual Group Lessons)

Features of the Moving On program include:

  • Focuses on responsivity issues for women participants
  • Helps women identify and mobilize both personal and community resources
  • Based on an educational and cognitive skill-building approach

Moving On Rules:

  • Program duration is 11 weeks and meets twice a week
  • Participants will be assessed to determine risk level
  • Participants will be required to submit to a drug screen
  • Program Fee is $25.00
  • Must agree to the rules and terms of the program.