Moral Reconation Therapy Program

Moral Reconation TherapyThe Moral Reconation Therapy Program offered by Floyd County Community Corrections is used as a gender specific program for males. The program teaches participants to become responsible for changing their problem behavior by changing the errors in their thinking. The program is designed for medium to high risk males who have shown a progression in their charges or frequency of charges. This may include court orders, violations of probation, community transition or as a graduated sanction for other Floyd County Community Corrections programs.

Moral Reconation Therapy Program Overview:

  • Participants will be assessed to determine risk level.
  • Participants will be required to submit to drug screens.
  • Program fee is $100.00. A payment of $50.00 must be paid before participant will be admitted to class. The balance ($50.00) is required to be paid before the completion of the program. All fees must be paid before completion of the program. $25 fee for participants coupled with Home Detention.
  • Participants must agree to the rules and terms of the program.
  • Class will meet twice a week until the participant has completed the Moral Reconation Therapy curriculum.
  • Each class session will meet for 1.5 hours.
  • It is an open-ended intervention program that allows continuous intake.
  • It draws on the evidence based treatment models or relational theory and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • It is administered in a group setting.