Home Detention Program

Adult and Juvenile non-violent clients, as a term of probation, direct placement, community transition, condition of bond, violation of probation, parole of clients with medical conditions that are better served at a location other than jail.

Program Description:

Clients placed on Home Detention are fitted with an ankle bracelet.

Once a client is connected to the system their movement is monitored 24/7. Clients meet weekly with a monitoring officer to submit their weekly schedule for approval.

Clients may request time away from home for the following reasons: work, school, church and mental health programs. Verifications for any time away from their residence is required. Monitoring officers monitor offenders' movements daily.

Home Detention Program Involvement:

  • Clients to submit to initial and follow up "risk assessments" to determine needs.
  • Clients to submit to drug screens.
  • Clients to agree to the terms of the program
  • Clients that are medium to high risk will be assigned to a Case Manager to help reduce risks of re-offending.
  • Clients to meet home detention case manager when required.

Home Detention Equipment & Fees:

  • Initial Hook Up fee $50.00 due at time or enrollment plus 1st and last week's fees
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) - $12.00/day
  • GPS with alcohol monitoring scrvice - $18.00/day
  • Alcohol monitoring - $6.00/day