Day Reporting Program

The Floyd County Corrections Day Reporting Program is targeted to adults and juveniles convicted of a non-violent felony and habitual misdemeanant offenders who have violated their conditions of probation or parole and direct placements are accepted. This program provides an increased level of supervision while targeting specific needs and risks. This program can be used as a graduated sanction.

Day Reporting Program Overview:

  • Clients to submit to initial and follow up “risk assessment” to determine needs.
  • Clients to submit to drug screens.
  • Clients to pay a one-time fee of $50.00.
  • Clients will report daily to FCCC for the initial month, and will follow a “step down” reporting schedule though the duration of the program.
  • Clients to follow recommendations and terms of the program outlined by the Program Manager from the assessment and probation/parole officer. (i.e. substance abuse counseling, employment, education, counseling, etc..)
  • If appropriate, client will participate in Courage to Change Journaling Program or an appropriate cognitive program.